DIY RC airplane | A better explanation

Details about the DIY RC airplane

This article is an extension of the YouTube video, here you’ll find some more information to understand your project better and finish it, including a explanation video that shows you how to connect and set up the electronics.

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Dibujo avión

Main project video

More about the DIY RC airplane

[2] You are in the article right now, down below you’ll find the video that explains everything else about connections and radio set up, you’ll need to register for free to access the video.

[3] Decalage angle or angle of incidence is the angle between the main wing and horizontal stabilizer and also the mean datum line of the fuselage, the maximum angle between the wing and the H. stabilizer in this DIY plane should not exceed 5º

[4] The center of gravity is explained in detail in this video

[5] The control surfaces

Detailed explanation video

If you’re using the Flysky radio then this is the perfect video to finish and understand your project, if you’re using any other brand don’t worry because the menu and set up process is similar in all computer radios.