Balsa Wood Free Flight Glider

A balsa wood glider is a great way to start in model airplanes.

The Simmer’s Glider won for me the Class B senior indoor glider record in March 1937. which has had the good fortune to remain unbroken for two years. The first model of this design made a 57-second flight. Designed by Wallace Simmers.

Plans download

The download includes a pdf ready to print file and a .DXF file to open it on any CAD software.

In the following video, you’ll see the entire process and instructions on how to make it. It’s actually very simple as you’ll find out in the video, but there are some details that you have to be aware of when building it.

The project's video
The finish

At the end of the project in the video, you see how I apply a coat of protective film called EZe Dope, this additive is special for model airplanes when using tissue covering, and can also be used for coating balsa wood to protect it from external elements, after this coating you can paint it and the wood won’t absorb the paint, also this coat will make it waterproof. The paint I used is simply model paint, you can use any paint you like.

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