Free flight rubber powered airplane

Time to make the free flight airplane with a rubber motor, the main idea is to make it so small and light that it can fly indoors where there are no turbulence created by the wind from the outside, I did my best to make it light and small to be able to fly it anywhere inside the house, or better yet in a hangar where there is much more room to fly for a long time.

You can download the plan and print it on a couple of sheets, you only need a few 2mm and 3mm thick balsa wood sheets, also paper or plastic to cover it, although Esaki paper is recommended, which is special for this, naturally you need a hobby knife to count the pieces and glue.

In the following video of the channel, to which you should already be subscribed … hahaha (not mandatory), you will be able to see the complete process that I have done.

Details about this project

The propulsion system is the most complicated part for me because I have never done anything like this with a variety of materials, so I had to figure out simple concepts, the union of the shaft with the block that holds the shaft and propeller assembly must have the least friction possible to rotate smoothly, so I put on the shaft some AC glue in the shape of a cone or a small sphere on the propeller and shaft, and let it dry in that way, then use a small servo arm whose material is nylon and I have Glued to the block to pass the shaft through, the small drop of AC glue already hardened as a plastic does a minimum friction with the piece of nylon allowing the propeller to rotate freely.

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