LED strobe lights circuit KIT


Use a simple LED strobe navigation light system in your RC model to make it look realistic and catch the attention of others, simply by soldering the wires to the LEDs and output, and the 5v power to the input it will start working as soon as you supply power. Choose between the circuit alone, with LEDs, or include a set of wires from this item.

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A very simple but reliable solution for your RC model when it comes to a navigation light system, make your RC airplane look realistic with this. This is an original product made by Joyplanes RC.

Made in a very small board size so it can fit the smaller aircraft without compromising the weight, that’s why you have the option to solder it your self since you have more control on what wire to use and how long you want it, how many lights to connect and also decide to use one or two circuits.

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Weight 1 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 3 mm

KIT, Only Circuit, x2 Circuit and LED


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