548 mph New Speed World Record for Dynamic Soaring 2021

¿What is Dynamic Soaring?

Dynamic Soaring also known as DS, it’s a soaring technique in which the energy of the wind is used to generate more speed in an RC glider, in nature this technique is seen in the flight of the Albatross, the bird with the longest wingspan in the world, this animal is the most amazing that I know of because it can last up to 46 days flying at the sea and travel up to 10,000 miles in a single flight, it does not need to flap to maintain flight, it knows how to take advantage of the energy of the wind performing Dynamic Soaring.

The New World Record 2021

In model airplanes, the speed record made with Dynamic Soaring has recently been broken again. The new record made on January 19, 2021 in Parker Mountain, California, the glider reached 548 mph equivalent to 881.9 km/h – and we are talking about a glider, a model aircraft without any propulsion, just using the DS technique. You really couldn’t go much faster than that anymore, because parts of the wing surfaces start to break the sound barrier, generating great aerodynamic drag and some other problems, since the wing profile is not made for supersonic flight.

This is the video of the record, you will be able to see the speeds this glider can reach, it’s specially designed for this task.

¿How it works?

The conditions to do this type of flight can be found on a more or less steep hill, the wind when traveling from one side to the other generates a small turbulent area behind the hill and a quiet area where there is no wind, but on the face where the wind blows the pressure is higher, the idea is to fly on the quiet side up the hill, when going up the force of the wind pushes the airplane, and it takes advantage of it, and then it goes back down to the quiet zone with greater speed than before, and the process is repeated, in the following animated graphic you will be able to see better how it is done.

The previous record was 545 mph (877 km/h) made in 2018, which is still extremely fast.

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