About Joyplanes

Joyplanes RC

What's Joyplanes?
An online community, lovers of RC model aircraft and UAV's in general

Of course there’s also room for similar topics like electronics, and other radio-controlled vehicles. Joyplanes RC started as a YouTube channel to share experience, fun and knowledge, and now it’s expanding to other means to reach more people who want to get started in the hobby that cover a great range of disciplines, we want to cover them all although we specialize in RC aircraft.

Since aviation is our main topic from time to time you’ll see videos in the channel explaining how airplanes work, curiosities and science behind the flight, that’s why Joyplanes is growing so much, because we’re pilots, engineers, hobbyists and curios people.

Who is behind all of this?
Only me, Joyvel Osorio.

For now Joyplanes is a small YouTube channel, actually 2 YouTube channels, the other one is in Spanish and is called the same, I’m working so hard to make Joyplanes a bigger entity and bring the freedom of creation and the power of knowledge to everyone who is interested in the hobby. I love doing good quality videos, even cinematic style to bring this experience of the viewer to a new level, at least that’s what I try to do.