Joywing balsa wood wing
Design + Full Build of a Balsa Wood RC Wing
Let's design and build a balsa wood wing from scratch. Using a great software and...
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talon pro ardupilot
Long Range FPV Plane – Ardupilot in the Talon Pro
Make an autonomous UAV using readily available components and open source Ardupilot software.
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ELRS logo
Tanár S1 & S2 | A Classic RC Plane for Beginners
Our first RC trainer model airplane, the Tanár. A new product from Joyplanes and Kkits.
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Using Drone Flight Controllers for Airplanes
In this article, I'll show you the basics to consider when using a common drone...
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Foam cutter
Cutting Foam in Sheets
A simple foam cutter to make sheets of foam to build airplanes with.
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Building a mini RC biplane
A small model aircraft (biplane) made with balsa wood and classic techniques, the smallest balsa...
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548 mph New Speed World Record for Dynamic Soaring 2021
A new world record, a radio-controlled glider reaches 548 mph in Dynamic Soaring, a record...
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airplane airfoil
Selection of Airfoil | Model Airplanes
Selection of airfoils for model airplanes, a complete article explaining in simple terms the airfoil...
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The right servo for your project
Servos are the muscles of our rc airplanes, helicopters and radio-controlled machines, it's important to...
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