Homemade RC Trainer Airplane

This article is the extension of the homemade RC airplane, you’ll find detailed information about the build process and resources like the plans and the list of materials and components for the completion of this amazing project.

Notes about this design

This airplane is completely based on the plans of a Flitetest design called FT Simple Storch, the idea behind this project is to use it as a base to design a trainer like airplane, thanks to Flitetest and their simple but wonderful foam board designs this project can take shape. This design is already modified but it will have even more modifications for future releases to improve certain aspects of it.

Features of this model
Easy Construction
and fast

Compared with a balsa wood model, this airplane takes about 10 times less to build.

Simple materials

We’re using foam board, extremely cheap and perfect for these airplanes.

Best option
For beginners

Easy to build and fly for the first time.

Technical information
  • 1400 mm
  • 950 mm
  • 692g (w/o Battery)
  • Foam board
  • Low
The project's video
Tools and Materials
  • Foam board 5mm thick (3 A1 sheets)
  • Hot glue gun or any other glue
  • Steel wire for landing gear 2mm
  • Common wire for push rods
  • Plywood of 2mm or 5mm for reinforcements
  • Soldering iron
  • Exacto knife with blades
  • Tape
  • Other home tools (drill, pliers, scissors, etc.)
Extended videos

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